Terms and Conditions

In short form:

  • We're not responsible if the site blows up your computer, kills your cat, or makes you homeless.
  • We keep cookies on your computer to enable us to track site usage and serve you better. This includes Google Analytics which we use to track individual users so we know how popular the site is and stuff, and standard Wordpress cookies that track logged in users and any site preferences you set.
  • If you use the newsletter subscription, Facebook or Twitter functions or payment links on the site then they will communicate your details to the respective services as part of performing the action you've requested.
  • We don't have open posting on the site yet. As and when we do enable this, anything you post on the site remains yours, but you give us a transferable right to make use of it for Science Fiction Book Club purposes.
  • We try to ensure that all of the content we place on the site is properly licensed and attributed. If you spot something that isn't, let us know and we'll sort it out.
  • If you're a speaker, we will make use of your speaker name and details related to that name, in our programme, publicity and publishing.

Tickets purchased through the site come with their own terms and conditions, outlined in the Tickets section. These are the ones related to data handling and storage for ticket holders, users of this website, and convention attendees generally:

  • We store ticket holder data on the site. This is only accessible by site administrators and by the respective ticket holders themselves, using login details sent to their email address.
  • This data includes real name of purchaser (i.e. the name used for payment), purchaser postal address, the purchaser's email address, details of the purchases and the status of any payments made.
  • We also give purchasers the ability to enter badge names for each ticket, and track preferences. These are also stored on site.
  • Bank or card details are never stored on our site or server. We use GoCardless, Stripe and PayPal to handle payments, all of which are secure systems. Where card data is entered into our webpage, it is transmitted directly to Stripe through a secure connection without being written to our server. The entire site is encrypted to prevent session hijacking or data leakage.
  • We pass the details you give us to the aforementioned payment handlers as part of taking payment. They store this data and the data you enter using their own policies, which we have no control over.
  • We will use mail sending agents (e.g. MailChimp), online mail and office services (e.g. Google Apps) and other services where we share your data with a trusted third party for the purpose of processing and storing your information, and for keeping in touch with you. We will not pass your details on to third party marketers or other bad guys.

Here's how we handle information about guests or speakers at the convention. This was posted on 24th July, 2013. We're making speakers aware of the change in terms and conditions:

  • By agreeing to appear at the convention as a speaker, you give us the transferable right to publicise your attendance as a speaker, under your agreed speaker name. This includes brief biographical details, a picture if one is available, and links to social media or web presences associated with your speaker name. Your speaker name is the name that you have told us we should use when referring to you in the programme, and on the website and through other publicity and publishing activities.
  • This right does not include the right to publicise your 'real name' if that is different to your speaker name - we do not wish to remove the privacy of individual attendees. You also have the right to request the removal of any details about yourself at any time.

And finally we have some rules for people wishing to write about, take photos at, video, or otherwise cover the convention in a journalistic capacity, in addition to the rules in the code of conduct:

  • There is a presumption of privacy in operation at Women in Science Fiction. This means you do not take photographs of people with no-photo (yellow) lanyards, you ask before photographing people generally, and you get explicit permission before publishing any photos or footage you do take. Likewise, if you're operating in a journalistic capacity, you can only use material you gain with the knowledge and consent of the participants, and may not publish anything that would allow a person to be identified without their explicit permission.

We're fully compliant with the UK's Data Protection Act. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout HERE.

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