Will we read your book?

Hello whoever you are, congratulations on writing a book and getting it into print. That's no mean feat in and of itself.

But sadly we almost certainly won't be reading your book.

The slightly longer answer is: We get a lot of requests from authors, agents & publishers asking us to let our members know about their book or put their book on our reading list. Probably two to three per month, every month.

So for this reason we no longer accept any unsolicited books into our reading list nor pass on any information about books to our members.

All we can offer is that if you have physical copies of your book, as organiser I am willing to take them to a meeting and if any members wanted to take a copy with them to read, they could get in touch with you if they had any comment, although that would be up to them and they would be under no obligation to do so. If that appeals feel free to get in touch via this site. Please understand this is not an invitation to turn up to an event unannounced.

If you would like advice on getting your book into publication, the very best advice we can give is "join a writers group". Seriously, as simple as it sounds being with people who have written, are writing or are planning to write is the very best way to inform yourself.

I hope that helps.

On the other hand if you are organising a SF event (that isn't simply a pub-meet or similar) then please get in touch, we may be interested. Especially if it's cultural or a special one-off type event.

Good luck with the book though!
Please return to what you were doing.

Your Glorious Leader ยฎ

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