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The Membership Dues & Honorarium go towards covering the costs of running the group on (which is approximately £147 pa), the groups domain name, hosting our email/website, membership of various Science Fiction organisations, a modest amount for advertising and also to gently discourage "tourists" from filling up the available spaces for each months Meetups. A large number of people RSVP for free events and never turn up (or even visit the site again!) Discussion groups at our meetings are limited to 16 people in order to keep it small & friendly enough so that everyone can contribute. There are very few "rules" regarding money, mainly as Meetup offers "Require payment to RSVP" system. smile but the following are considered in effect for all events, unless otherwise stated.

  • All Bookclub meetings are £2 per meeting per person*
  • All payments are taken via Paypal, without exception**Clicking the PayPal logo will take you to the PayPal account signup form.
  • Members must pay their dues when they RSVP
  • PayPal eCheques are not accepted and will be immediately refunded if used for dues
  • Refunds are issued only if the named event is cancelled or rescheduled
  • Any refunds will be minus any and all fees Paypal take during processing
  • Dues are taken for named events and do not provide a form of credit that can be transferred between events or members
  • Members are responsible for adding, removing and amending their own RSVP's and group membership
  • Other non-book events, such as Film or Theatre nights, may have a different charge, no charge or a deposit. These will be non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled
  • Other non-book events which have a limited number of places may be restricted to members who have attended at least one book club book event. Anyone who RSVPs to these events without having previously attended a book event will have their place IMMEDIATELY removed and their dues considered a donation to the Bookclub. Caveat Emptor.


While membership of the book club is free once a member attends 6 or more times it is required that they honour the Honorarium, which is a minimum of £2. The Honorarium is your way of showing your support for the book club above and beyond the absolute minimum required to attend, which is the £2 RSVP dues per meeting. Members who refuse, decline or ignore this may have an events RSVP's dues used in-lieu of the Honorarium which would mean they would lose their place.

* A non-participating carer or helper of a member who is registered disabled or blind may attend. Although any carer or helper who plans to participate in any way outside of aiding a member to the venue will need their own RSVP.

** All payments are taken via Paypal, without exception and that means without exception. Paying the RSVP in advance means that people who are not really going to come along (tourists) don't take what are limited places. There is no alternative to Paypal that is automated and integrated into meetup and Your Glorious Leader ® does not have the time to keep separate records of who has paid what. Taking money at the meetings would turn him into a School Teacher which is a role he does not don't want.

Please don't ask to be an exception, as the old saying goes "Please do not ask for credit as a refusal often offends".

If you have any queries please contact me through

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