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The first thing to say is that suggestions for books are always welcome, from members who have attended, only. That's very important.

If you haven't been to the book club yet then read this.

That said there are some thing to consider before sending a suggestion:

  • We usually read contemporary fiction but as we are an adventurous bunch we will occasionally try something new. Please consider our previous book choices before making your suggestion. We aim for variety.
  • We don't & won't read trilogies or series, ever. Two part books such as Hyperion & Fall of Hyperion might be considered if two adjacent meetings are available, such as an in a month with five Mondays where we have an Xtra 5th Monday Meeting.
  • Our book choices are always available in paperback format. Which means Hardbacks are usually a non-starter.
  • Books suggested by Unsolicited Commercial, Public Relations, Advertising or "I thought you might be interested" emails or self published works will never ever be considered.
  • Books suggested by members who have never attended a meeting will also not be considered.
  • We will not read vampire novels, multipart series, Star-Trek/Star-Wars/RPG/TV/Movie novelisations or most books with leather/PVC clad cyber-assassin-strong-yet-sensitive-robo-ultrababes on the front cover***.
  • Members suggesting such trash SF may be subject to GroupHate.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Is the book any good? 'Good' in a book club sense. Every genera has its airport-page-turner-filled-with-mindless-streotypes-and-no-depth type of books and we don't read them. What would be there to talk about? As a general rule of thumb if you think you might be even the slightest bit embarrassed describing your suggested book to a room full of non-genera readers or might struggle to articulate why they should read it, then its probably a non starter. But whatever it is I hope you enjoy reading it smile

So, if after all that you think the group would enjoy your book choice, then please feel free to suggest it by clicking the image below.**

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